Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend update..

Sorry for the delay in getting the weeks rides up, but my computer has been in for repairs for the past two weeks and I need to hijack Robyn's to make a post.
Saturday I was out on the Hell Ride again. It was a tough outing due to the strong winds and rain. All went smoothly considering the conditions except when a dog walking pedestrian made us look extremely bad when he gave no warning and steeped onto the road at a crossing point. The entire group was brought to a halt in a very messy manner, with some riders using feet on the road to wipe off speed in the slippery conditions. It could have been much worse, all riders stayed upright and hopefully we scared the pedestrian enough that he won't do that again.
So, with 150km in the legs from Saturday it was off for a ride in the Dandenong's on Sunday as a farewell ride to Rohin and Ivan as the departed for Europe and the world marathon champs on Monday. Rohin has written the ride up over here, I will just add these two pics.
The group at the top of the Nongs..
and Randall, practiced his wheelies all day.

With more riding in the legs over the weekend than I have done in a long time, this week will be a little easier as we ease into the school holidays next week and a family holiday.

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