Thursday, June 5, 2008


With some racing under the belt last month I am beginning to feel fit and fast(ish) on the bike.

I am hearing all the stories of friends heading overseas to race at the highest level in their chosen discipline of MTB and I can't help but feel jealous. Rhino, Rohin and Fenner heading to Italy for the World Marathon Champs, Clackers, Troy, Fenner, Tim Ferres, Willo, Toohey all heading the Canada for the 24hr World Champs. And of cause AJ heading OS for his usual onslaught.

This month is very quiet on the race scene for me and I think I need to start looking interstate or towards NZ to find an event to suit my desire to race. Now that Jackson is a couple of months old and we are getting into a bit of a routine, I am going to attempt to fit four rides in a week. The extra two will start off as short tempo rides but will hopefully give me enough fitness to focus on some tougher racing.

Last night I was out on the usually Fatties ride. Randall was there showing off the best Yeti have to offer.

And AJ, what can you say about this man. Riding solo in the CTS 6hr on the weekend he finished almost a lap up on second and 5th in the pro pairs. Machine.

These guy are all motivating me to set some goals. I might have to put a world record attempt on the schedule.. .but more on that later.

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