Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scott wrap up...

The Scott 24 is such a big event, it is the pinnacle race in Australia for an enduro MTB racer such as myself. Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement during this extremely demanding race. Of all the 24 hour races I have competed in, this was the first time I have come into trouble this early on and it was difficult to summon up the courage to continue racing knowing the pain I was in at the three hour mark was only going to multiply with every hour on the bike. But I think this just goes to show if you are determined to do something and are faced with huge obstacles, the human spirit can push on and ultimately push the demons aside.

This is where my weekend started. Leaving Melbourne Thursday afternoon in the Kona van with my brother, Daniel. I have made it a tradition of mine to camp somewhere off the Hume every year I have travelled north for this event. Always somewhere different. Friday morning we woke to a fresh but beautiful day, only 2 hours of driving to do before reaching Mt Stromlo.

This year, once again, solos got to start on their bikes on the flatter (but longer) blue lap. I was happy to let a few riders ride away from me, after all this course is soooo demanding on the body and with much less time spent on the bike this year for me body conservation was my plan. If you look closely at my bike you can see the new forks I am running - SID Teams, these things rock.

Still rolling, but the pain is beginning to build.

I don't have many race pics yet (am waiting on the event photographers to upload theirs), so here is one of me straight off the bike after riding for the best part of 24 hours. I think all the pain I was focusing away hit me in one almighty wave. I was sore from head to toe and not to mention my back.

I was very happy to be standing on the number two spot of the dais. Jason rode a great race and I was relying on him struggling big time come dawn if I was going to have any chance. My recovery is going well. I think I may even do another solo 24 before the year is out.

Here I am again on the big screen. Bit scary hey??

A huge thanks goes out to my support team, in particular my wife Robyn for 1- having the skills to subdue the pain in my back and 2 - for knowing me well enough to make me push my body further than I thought I could. Ben Jones from Kona for looking after my bikes and making sure they ran smoothly. My brother Daniel for driving me almost all of the 1400km round trip, helping out at the race and taking some photos. And my parents for supporting me in my selfish pursuit as an athlete.

Also thanks to my sponsors, Kona, AyUp (seriously, the best lights ever), Mavic, Shimano, Rock Shox, Suunto, Adidas Eyewear, Maxxis, Ozriders, Pedros and Limar.


Jason Jackson said...

Congrats mate! Awesome result which you should be proud of.

Craig Storey said...

Trouble like that and you still got back on the bike and kept going. And came second!!! Your Awesome.

Juzzy said...

Congratulations Bellie. You've had a huge year and you still manage to do so well. Great stuff - you're a champ.

Bozz said...

Well done bellie on the scott24hr result oustanding performance. And thanks for the words of encouragement as you rode past me. Sean Bekkers [Bozz]

Keep the wheels turning

Alex and Andy said...

Well done Andrew! Would have loved to be there as your solo team mate and ride that great course!Greetings from Exmouth,
Alex ze german