Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekend bliss...

I woke up Saturday morning feeling very tired. Jackson has decided he no longer needs to sleep so Robyn and myself are getting very minimal sleep. This is not good at all, I am running out of time to get some miles in my legs before the Day Night Thriller in NZ and I am not prepared to ride when I am that tired. I don't think I get any benefit from it and besides I get really crabby and annoy everyone else in the house. We made it to bed by 8:30 and managed to sleep for about 6hours in total so I decided a couple of hours on the road bike was in order. I rolled nice and easily to the base of the dandies and preceded to do two repeats up the One in Twenty (The Basin to Sassafras, about 7km). The first I didn't allow my heart rate to go over 140bpm, this made for a very pleasant climb. It felt really good to jump on the bike and not have to flog myself stupid.

I also managed to spend some time in the shed. On the left is a crank arm off Pop's bike which I have polished, one the right is one I haven't touched. I am pleased with how they turned out, but I have a long was to go. I have also started to straighten the wooden rims. Firstly I stripped them to bear wood, and got them nice and wet. Now they will live under heavy weights whilst they dry (hopefully a bit straighter).

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