Thursday, August 14, 2008

Flip of a coin....

This weekend I have a couple of great rides to choose from - Epix are out for another chapter in their search for the ultimate single track, this time in Castlemaine and the other ride is the final round of the Anaconda Enduro Series at Lysterfield, this time it's an eight hour mud bash.

It is always great fun to ride unfamiliar trails with a bunch of great mates. We always walk away with fantastic memories and usually find trails that are well worth another visit. But with the NZ 12hour approaching and the need for me to find some form, the winner this weekend will be the Anaconda Enduro Series. I'm sure it will be just as muddy as three weeks ago and it will no doubt put some good old race pace stress into my body.

I will leave you with these two shots I took at the very first Epix adventure. Mud + 2500m of climbing + 5 mates on MTBs = bloody good fun.

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