Friday, August 29, 2008

Product Update...

As many are well aware, AyUp lights are one of the most versatile on the market. They have so many uses unlike most lighting system which are restricted to using on the bike. They will soon be releasing a stage programmed battery. It has 5 power settings plus a strobe mode. I have been using a prototype of this battery and even in its' development stage it is impressive. I have used it with a narrow been on my helmet to get a little more brightness out of it (it does drain the battery a bit quicker) and it is great in a dull mode (battery last much longer) for commuting etc on the road when extreme brightness is not required.

This first pic is the dullest mode. (all pics with narrow beam)

This one is in the middle mode (there is one setting between these first two pics)
And this is the brightest mode (there is one setting between these last two pics)

The prototype I have is the same size as the six hour battery. I am unsure if it will be available is both types, but keep an eye on the AyUp website to find the release date.

In other product news I am happy to inform you that the Enduro Ceramic Bottom Brackets are great value. After the third round of the Anaconda Enduro Series (the very wet one), I left my bike untouched for three weeks. Usually this would see the bottom bracket being removed and placed in the bin. When I had my bike in the stand the BB was almost totally seized, but by removing the seals, spaying with WD40, blowing out with compressed air and applying a thick chain lube all was good again. This can be put down to the fact that the bearing aren't metal so rust isn't a problem. I recon they where revived to about 85-90% as good as new, which still makes the better than a standard BB. Check out DIYMTB for the latest Enduro products.

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