Monday, May 31, 2010

What mud?

You would never have guessed these shoes raced 5hrs in the mud yesterday . A trick from Randall's vault, " give'em a spin in the washing machine". Good as new.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

CTS Round 1 - 5hrs

With a sell out field and no rain in the sky, today's race was always going to be fun. Snoz and FGP have got organising these events down to a fine art. The course was carefully pick to make sure the park wasn't destroyed with all the rain we had during the week. Yet it wasn't boring. There was only a few bog patches and the majority of the single track was tacky and very fast.

My legs were a tad smashed from a fairly intese training week and my lungs are recovering from a bout of the flu. But I didn't let this deter me from having a good ride. I couldn't match the front runners for the first few laps but then I got into a grove and moved through the field. I rode a lap with Mark Fenner, but decided we were moving a little quick for where I wanted to be, so I dropped back. Happy with this decission, I rolled around quite happy in forth. Then, coming
into the finish of my second last lap, I saw Fenner as he pulled the pin at the end of that lap. This got me on the podium for third, 18 minutes behind AJ in first. Overall and good day in the saddle. Only another week of training before I head over to SA for the Mawson Marathon with Jason English.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day two....

Today's stage went very well. Robin pulled the pin at about 10, so I
was able to get a bit of sleep. When I started riding the legs felt
great. I punched out another 10 laps, only about 5 mins slower than
yesterday. I held them pretty consistant and the body held up very
well. The course here was great. Plenty of fun flowing sections.
Overall the event was very well run, the atmosphere was good and there
was lots of fun had by all.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Half way....

The 12hr ends up being a 6+6 ( I get to have the middle 12hrs off), I
got a good start but it wasn't until about the 2hr mark that I got
into a rythem, then bang, I blow out my rear tyre. I did a quick
repair and got going again. I was able to keep my laps very
consistant, only really loosing time when I need to put lights on etc.
I finished up a lap and a bit up on other solos and leading the 12hr
overall. There was 3000 vertical meters climbed in my 10 laps, so I
think the plan is to get some sleep (although I want to give some
support to Robin Tullett, an old triathlon freind also flying the Kona
flag in the solo 24) and I will take the mornings ride a little easier.

Ty has been busy talking with people about the new magic link bikes.
They seem to be getting a lot of attention. Unfortunatly, Ty lost his
own personal one off the back of the trailer on the trip over, he
wasn't very happy about it. I don't think he wanted it back after it
would have hit the road doing 110kmh.