Saturday, May 8, 2010

Half way....

The 12hr ends up being a 6+6 ( I get to have the middle 12hrs off), I
got a good start but it wasn't until about the 2hr mark that I got
into a rythem, then bang, I blow out my rear tyre. I did a quick
repair and got going again. I was able to keep my laps very
consistant, only really loosing time when I need to put lights on etc.
I finished up a lap and a bit up on other solos and leading the 12hr
overall. There was 3000 vertical meters climbed in my 10 laps, so I
think the plan is to get some sleep (although I want to give some
support to Robin Tullett, an old triathlon freind also flying the Kona
flag in the solo 24) and I will take the mornings ride a little easier.

Ty has been busy talking with people about the new magic link bikes.
They seem to be getting a lot of attention. Unfortunatly, Ty lost his
own personal one off the back of the trailer on the trip over, he
wasn't very happy about it. I don't think he wanted it back after it
would have hit the road doing 110kmh.

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