Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Product Review - Crumpler Sinking Barge

This is the first products review for my blog. I plan on doing them every now and again when I come across a product I truly believe to be innovative and worthy of a giant plug.

Over the lasts few months I have been doing a lot of traveling. I was fortunate enough to be given a Crumpler Sinking Barge backpack before we left for the US and I must say it has been brilliant. It is designed to carry both a laptop and a digital SLR with spare lens and flash in padded comfort. When you consider the cost of these digital devices, a good bag to carry them in is essential. The Sinking Barge is one of very few bags on the market designed to carry these two items in tandem reducing the need for two separate bags. I found it perfect to use as my carry on bag when flying that way I could keep an eye on my stuff or even pull them out for a bit of a play. There is even enough spare room in a separate compartment for other travel essentials.

Once at my destination, removing the laptop for day trip type stuff gives a bit more room for other things and accessing the camera is a synch with the clever design of the compartments. I found myself wanting to take my camera with me more often than I normally would because the bag does not reek camera bag and is extremely comfortable on all contact points. The padded camera compartment can be Velcroed out, giving more space if the camera isn’t required, making this bag one of the most versatile bags I have ever seen. If you have a large laptop, or a professional sized SLR, never fear because it also comes in a larger size, the Customary Barge.

I couldn’t do the bag justice in front of my camera, so I borrowed these images from the Crumpler website.

As most of you probably know, I have been working as a bicycle courier for the past ten years. A lot of this time has been spent with a Crumpler satchel strapped to my back. These bags are made bomb proof and if you ever were to have a problem with it, the boys and girls at Crumpler would get it sorted out for you reel quick.

I think Robyn was thinking about replacing me with a bag.


Big BAD Benny said...

Fully sick!
I'll link you up on Crumplerfried! eventually :-)
Keep up the good work, champ! BBB)))

Babs said...

totally agree with your review Andrew. I have just come back from an overseas trip where I housed my camera and computer in a 'Sinking Barge' and found it extremely comfortable to carry and versitile. Was even able to reconfigure the insides to accommodate a mini tripod.

Pet said...

I hear only really gay people like those bags.... hahahhahahahahahahah

hang said...

Just wondering, would the removable camera compartment be suitable for use in a messenger bag (Crumpler or not), much like how The Bucket fits into the various Crumpler messengers?

Thanks in advance.

Pet said...

Noice review, at least if u lose your day job there's a career in journalism there for u!

Lats said...

I have a customary barge!
Love it to death.
Just need to spray it with a waterproofing agent.
The camera now goes everywhere!

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