Monday, November 5, 2007

Pick me....No...No, Pick me...

Who went for a ride in Melbourne yesterday? How wet was it. I haven’t ridden in that sort of rain for a long time. Randall and myself had organized an 8am departure but after listening to rain on the roof all night and no sign of it letting up we delayed leaving until about 11 o’clock. Even then it didn’t stop the whole time we were out. Needless to say, not very inspiring.

Today however was different. No riding for me, but I did pick up my two new race steeds. Once again I opted for the Hei Hei and the new version of the King called the Four Supreme as this combination worked well for me.

The Hei Hei is pretty much unchanged. The only difference is the drop in the top tube. I haven’t ridden it yet, but I am already a fan as it makes my huge 22” frame look not so big.

The Four Supreme on the other hand has gone through a huge overhaul, which is probably why they chose to change the name. It also has the drop in the top, but more dramatic is the one-piece forged linkage. This is one trick piece of work, helping save weight and increase lateral stiffness. The other major change is the tube set, although still Scandium it's no longer the box section stuff used in the past. This seems to have shaved off some more weight along with the smaller Fox RP23 shock. I would be surprised if the four Supreme was move than 100g heavier than the Hei Hei, not bad for nearly twice the travel.

I was fortunate enough to be given another of my beloved Hopey steering Dampers from Jesse at the Speed Shop. Whilst building the Hei Hei, I put it on, so now both my steed have one. Very happy indeed.

My only problem now is deciding which bike to take out tomorrow on Rohin Adams Invitational Ride.

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