Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ginger Invitational

The Hei Hei is the winner. I was about to load the Four Supreme onto the back of Joel Reed's Ute only to discover I hadn’t put the Hopey on correctly. Back to the bike shed and out with the Hei Hei.

The Rohin Adams invitational was a blast. We meet at the Wombat trail head out in Woodends pine forest. This area is one I have never visited and after riding it for a good two hours with some of Victoria’s best xc/enduro riders, I’ll be back pretty soon I’m guessing.

Fifteen minutes in and Ash needed some trail side maintenance (little hint guys, never go riding with only two chainring bolts).

My driver and all-round good guy Joel Read, a man with a heap of style on the bike. It was also good to see Ken Allen getting back into MTB after a good rest.

Me, showing off my Aussie jersey. Thanks for the photo Ash.

If you want to read more about the ride look HERE and HERE.

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