Saturday, November 24, 2007

While you were sleeping....

With time running out to get any decent training in before the Kona 24, I made a last minute decision to test the endurance on the bike by doing a long road ride. I haven’t done any training rides longer than about 3 or 4 hours since heading off for the Worlds. Family duties have been keeping me off the bike and it scares me a bit to think I have to race 24 hours solo with the fitness I currently have. Two rides a week does quite cut it.

Thursday night saw me leaving home at 6pm for the Tour de Burbs ride around the outer eastern suburbs. It’s a fairly intense ride with enough climbing to get the heat pumping and legs burning. Once all of the other 50 odd riders were well and truly home and showered, I was on my way down the Mornington Peninsula to test the legs. I grew up in Mornington and here I was at a ridiculous hour of the night riding roads I haven’t ridden for many years, I felt many urges to drop down on the tri bars. It’s funny how the body remembers.

The ride went well. Apart from the consistent drizzle and moronic drivers, it was good to be out on the bike enjoying my own company listening to some tunes. The pace was very low and the climbing was keep to an absolute minimum, but hay, you do was and can do given circumstances.

If you could read the clock it would say 12:03 am. Crazy times.

I had to get back out on the bike on Friday. But it was only for 30 mins to work up a bit of a sweet for a test with the VIS. We are still trying to work through things and rectify and issues associated with nutrition and race at high intensity for 24 hours.

I had to wear this jacket to make sure I got sweaty. It sure was hot under it in the sun. I wore this jacket through winter when I did a couple of rides in the snow.

The patch. Absorbing the sweat.


rhino said...

You ride till past midnight, and I ride from 4am onwards.

Between us, we would make a good racing pair...

cannonball said...

hey andy.its clarissa!
sounds like ur working hard.
12:30 at night ur crazy i dnt know how you do it.
now i'm the expert at taking pictures of myself.

so i'll give you a tip-
try to hide your arm or at least most of it so it doesn't look quite like you have taken it yourself.
im funny
enjoy ur trainning