Monday, November 26, 2007

Different races.

Tonight I took the kids to a race of a different kind. Liz Randall (Ben and Alex Randall's Mum) was having an attempt on the 1hr World Record. Until recently there was no bench mark set, but now for Liz to get the record see needed to ride close to 40km/h. That's damn fast no matter what your age.

This is Liz warming up before the big effort.

Putting the power down. Only 60 minutes to go Liz.

Liz's coach giving encouragement.

The proud sons supporting Mummy.

Good efford. A few laps short of the World mark, but she can be proud that she gave her all on the night.
The kids and I enjyed the outing. The Darebin indoor cycling facility is amazing. Keep and eye out, I may even have plans to race on this track next year.


rhino said...

Do KONA make a track bike?

BELLboy said...

I'm sure he has enuf parts to make 1!!

Bellie said...

They do a trackish kind of bike. But I don't need one for what I might be doing.