Sunday, November 11, 2007

Single track’n Sunday….

A message from my riding buddy for the day half and hour before I was due to be picked up for a road ride in the hills meant it was now just Triple J and me. I had no desire to smash myself silly on my own on the road bike. It was the perfect excuse to take the Green Machine (AKA Four Supreme) out for its debut ride. Heading out to Lysterfield, a venue I haven’t ridden since FGP’s Chase the Sun races, for a blast in the single track.

I was delighted to see new tracks made to bypass the ones that copped a flogging in the mud over winter. When I rode through the main lakeside car park I was surprised to see such a huge number of cars with bike racks on them. The trails swallow such a huge number of riders, I didn’t have any troubles with traffic in the two hours of riding I did.

The new four-inch travel bike was a dream to ride on the superb single track Lysterfield has to offer. I found the new model Hei Hei rode pretty much the same as last years model, smooth, fast and stiff. The Four Supreme has gone through many changes and rides a lot different to the King. It now ride like a longer travel Hei Hei, the angles have been brought inline with it shorter travel brother. The weight savings are also noticeable, it climbs like a mountain goat and with a flick of the Pro Pedal switch and it descends like a four inch travel bike should, stable and predictable. I am reeling looking forward to zip tying number plates on the new rigs and giving the flogging they deserve.

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