Monday, November 19, 2007

6 hour of fun in the sun....

Yesterday was Round 8 of the 2007 Victorian State Enduro Series at Nerrina Ballarat. I teamed up with Randall for 6hrs or fun in the Sun. Leaving Melbourne at 7am saw us driving most of the way in gale force winds and rain to match. Getting to the race site at about 9am we were greeted with blue sky and what was the start of a very warm day. Our race plan was mainly to enjoy the great course that was put on by Club Mud and have fun in a "no pressure" race. The pace was pretty quick from the get go but Ben was able to hold onto the quick boys for his first lap. I was also holding pace until I took a wrong turn and couldn’t get back on their wheels. The course was a hoot to ride with plenty of technical riding to be had, but the steep climbs quickly got to both myself and Ben and we ended up riding a little off the pace but very consistent, finishing in forth place overall and in the two-man category.

For me it was great to see that in the heat I maintained body weight, rode very consistent lap times (one minute difference between fastest and slowest over six laps) and was able to keep my HR up, which has been a problem of late. It looks like the cupping session on Thursday did me good and I think I will has another session before the Kona 24.

Much of my down time was spent on the wind trainer, “keep those legs a moving”

Joel Reed, one part of the winning two man team.

Randall supporting Movember. Enjoyed the riding.

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