Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Product update...

I thought I had better get back to talking about a few of the products I have been testing/using lately. Firstly the new Ay Up head torch. These things have been getting a real flogging. My support crew at the Bendigo 12 hour raved about them. They found them to be very comfortable and supplied ample light ... they didn't even need to use the camping lights under the Kona tent. The night before the event, Jayden and I played footy using one head torch each and it was great. I keep one in the car and it gets plenty of use. So when you order your new set of AyUp lights, make sure you get yourself a head torch and you will get heaps of use out of it. I doubt there is another light on the market as versatile as the AyUp.

Then there are the Ozriders foam grips. I have now spent more than 24 hours riding on these and I must say I am impressed. The Black are super comfortable for the long days in the saddle. The whites are a bit firmer but the hexagonal design gives excellent feel and rider control with good comfort. I have used many grips in the past, trying to eliminate sore hands from holding on for such long periods. I have found these to be the most comfortable to date and will continue using them.

What about the Enduro Ceramic Bottom Brackets you might ask. Well, they have been ridden a whole heap in the wet and the dust and they still go round as smooth as they did the day they were put in, so nothing else to add really.

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Eamonn said...

Interesting, I never knew that about the grips. Which is stupid because I own both pairs, i just havent used the black ones yet, so far only have experience with the white version.

Which yeah i absolutely agree with you saying they are quite firm, but are still comfortable.