Monday, June 2, 2008

Epix - Local trails combined....

My Sunday started with a 6am alarm call. Thinking I could grab an extra 15 minutes of shut eye, I slowly drifted into a deep sleep, waking at 7. This sent me in a flurry to get ready to roll down the driveway for 7:25. I wasn't heading out for another race, I was in fact riding to the start point of another Epix. I wasn't quite sure where we were heading on this fresh, foggy morning, but having done a few Epix in the past, I had written off the whole day.

I won't steel Ash's thunder and reveal all the details, but we did cover over 150km (mostly trails), we rode many of the trails known in the eastern parts of Melbourne and we did get home after dark.

It was a great ride. Enjoyed by all who braved the chilly start.

Ash was very happy when the sun finally broke through the fog.

We just missed the finish to the CTS race held at Lysterfield. We needed to get moving as we had our own Sun to chase.
You can view a log of the ride over here and keep an eye here as Ash fills in the details over the next few days.

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