Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two up Tuesday...

I have had a great start to the week in terms of getting out on the bike. Monday afternoon I ducked out on the Four Supreme for a quick spin around the local trails. Another rider (Peter, Evan Franzke's brother in-law) had the same idea as he followed me into some not very well known trails. He introduced himself and joined me for the rest of my ride only to brake his chain on a little pinch climb.

Last night I joined the boys for the Tour de Burbs. Not a very big group go out on a Tuesday night, but we made plans to ride two laps of the hill circuit in an attempt to boost Rohin Adam's fitness for the world Marathon Champs in three weeks time. I needed to ride conservatively, but enjoyed the challenge and clocked up 100km by the time I got home.

Melbourne's city scape sure is beautiful.

But all I got to see was a couple of arses.
Jack Lamshed from team Felt ventured out. For once he even brought his smile.


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