Friday, June 13, 2008

Look Quartz

I have just been given these great looking Look Quarts MTB pedals to test. I don't think they are in the shops just yet, but shouldn't be far off. They use the same system Egg beaters use but the cleats aren't soft brass and they come with protection plates for your carbon soled shoes. At a very handy weight of 250g a pair. Very nice. I will let you know how they go.

BTW 24 hours after having the laser surgery on my eyes all is good - no discomfort and vision is great. I could see the bottom line on the chart and everything. Pretty happy camper indeed.


Bellie the 3rd said...

Hey Bro!! I think you meant deed not Dead!! Gr8 to here you eyes have worked out so far anyway!! At least you wont have to worry about making you disposable lenses lasting longer then they are meant too.. The pedals look sweet hope they work out! I got egg beaters on my bike but I'm not a big fan too much float for my liking but anyway I got them for free with my bike.
Say hi to the kids and Rob for me :)

rhino said...

How long did the surgery take? Did your vision come back straight awy? did it hurt? Can you know see the trails your riding on?

Bellie said...

Surgery took about 20mins, 8 secs of laser per eye. Vision was good straight away but hard to see through the protective sheilds you need to wear. It didn't hurt, only discomfort. And yes I can now see where I am riding, however after 4 hr road ride on Saturday they dried out a bit so I need to keep using Eye drops for a few weeks.