Friday, June 6, 2008

I can see clearly now.....

Just got back from a nice little spin on the bike paths. It was made a bit difficult because I put my neck out whilst asleep last night. A big pain in the butt. I have a great ride planned for Sunday and I don't want to miss it. Hopefully it will correct itself before then.

In other news, I have finally booked an assesment for laser eye surgery. For those that don't know, I can't even see my front wheel without corrective lens. This is very exciting for me and all things going well I could have the surgery as soon as next Thursday. In the meantime, I can't wear contact lenses. So my inserts for my Adidas sunnies will be getting well used. I usually only use them when I need to remove my contacts in long races but they do work very well indeed.


Zero said...

Oh, didn't know that. So do you normally wear contacts while racing, or inserts for sunglasses?

I've been using contact lenses under my sunnies for the last 18 months, and I suspect it may be time to change that due to some significant eyesight problems that usually come about around lap 3 of most crits - so am looking for better alternatives.

Bellie said...

Yep, blind as a bat.

I can usually get away with lenses for a 24hr race but a few times I have flicked them and used the inserts. Interestingly, team races ie stop start, contacts aren't as good, they are dry for the first km or so which sucks. I have been wearing contacts for 15 years and am well used to them. Can't wait to see the clock radio in the middle of the night.