Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family Holiday...

Holiday hey...doesn't feel like it. We all went to Warrnambol for the week to attend the Fun for Kids Festival, and visit Robyn's Dad a brother Stuart. I had plans of my own for the week, but they fell by the way side, thanks mainly to a stomach bug that just wouldn't go away.

The first night we were greeted by 100 km/h + winds. I always wondered why our camper had extea peg eyelets and spare guy ropes. So with all the pegs and ropes in place, night two hit us with stronger winds but this time we stayed upright.

I got a chance to take the Pajero off road. Myself and Olivia hit some sand dunes for some afternoon fun. I think she will be my only family passenger on future off road adventures, she loves it.

The caravan park had these great kids trikes to hire. The kids had a ball.

Ash inspired me to get artistic, this is my first attempt. And yes this is one unaltered image.

I did get to go for a ride. By Friday a was feeling better so I dragged out the roadie and rolled around some quiet back road. I reached the end of the black stuff on my way out so I venture further on a dirt road, which then turned into a bumpy walking track which then turned into a extremely rocky 4wd track. It was worth the effort, I found a great little camping spot right on the edge of the world.
The bike looked a little worse for wear. but got me home.
With a week left of school holidays, I will try and get back out on the bike, but it is always hard when the kids are at home and need attention.

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