Monday, July 28, 2008

Job well done...

What a weekend for Australian cycling. Cadel crossed the line in Paris to finish second again in the Tour de France, and Aussies dominated the Adrenalin 24hr World Championships in Canmore Canada. In the elite male category -1st James Williamson (2006 Aust. 24hr Champ), 2nd Jason English (2008 Aust. 24hr Champ), 3rd Mark Fenner and 4th Jeff Toohey. Elite female - Katrin Van Der Speigel finished 2nd. Age group - 1st 45-49 Craig Peacock, 1st 35-39 Troy Bailey, 2nd 35-39 Jason McAvoy, 1st 25-29 Andrew Fellows and under 25 2nd Joel Donney.

What a great result. Well done to all athletes and their support crews.

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Anonymous said...

And Shaun Kinna got third in his age category too (40-45)