Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back on the bike...

This weekend I finally got myself back on the bike. Saturday I made my way down to the Hell Ride. It felt great to get back out amongst it and was even up to rolling some turns on the way back and to my surprise the group had been split by the pace. The relentless head wind didn't help the punters as we had to push quite hard to sit on 35km/h.

All aboard the Bellie train. That is Jason Jackson off to the side of the pic, waving his hand. It was nice to see him out and was even up to the task of taking Clackers over the hills before venturing down to Beach Rd.

Today (Sunday) I was invited to help out Jess and Norm Douglas during a skills session for want-to-be MTB racers. I have been asked to join their team of dedicated instructors and today I was just seeing how they run their Clinics. From what I saw, these guys are doing a great job of bring MTBing to the masses. I really got a sense that they love passing on their knowledge to novice riders and I could see the improvement the riders were making even in a short two hour session. I will be instructing at a Women's only clinic next weekend and if you are interested in checking out their business (MTBSkills), click here.

Speaking of this all girls clinic, Robyn is really looking forward to testing her new Kona Kula Primo next weekend as is my Aunt, Babs who is flying up from Tasmania with her new Kona Four Supreme for her introduction to MTBing.

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