Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anaconda Enduro Round 3...

I drove home in the rain last night, and it wan't just a passing shower. We had a little flood on the corner of our street, something I have only seen a few times since living here. This rain was going to make for a tough race as well. Every slip of the tyre under power is a waste of energy, not to mention the increased chance of crashing. We were fortunate enough to see just a little rain during the 7 hours of racing, but the water on the course forced organisers to a course change around the 3 hour mark. The change was a blessing; we were sent on a fire road loop connecting with a section of the Comm. Games course.

As for my race, all went well. I had a nice start, deciding to hold back a bit and try riding consistent laps. I was looking after my own pits today and had no idea where I was placed. The mud was bike destroying from the start. I opted not to put fresh cables on the Hei Hei even though it was desperate for them. This made gear changes very hard. By the two hour mark I could only use half of my range of gears. I had the Four Supreme ready to go but it looked so nice and clean sitting in my pits ... I decided not to make my clean-up job harder and left it alone. Other than the gears everything else on the bike was great, particularly the Ozirider grips (white - well not any more). My hands aren't the least bit sore.

I ended up riding 9 consistent laps with 8 mins up on second place Scott Chancellor (Orbea), so very happy with that. Check Full Gas Promotions website for full race details (soon). I'll post more photos when I find them.

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Jason Jackson said...

Great work mate!

Especially happy to see that the Saturday morning rides are paying off.