Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today I made time to prep the bikes for this weekends race (12 Hours of Hard Knocks). It was the Four Supreme's turn to get some fresh gear from Shimano. Now both bikes are running pretty much new drive trains, cables and derailleurs.

Another new product to test. Thought I would give the Ozrider Grips ago. So many riders have been raving about these, I needed to find out for myself. The white ones look the goods and are slightly firmer than the black, so I thought I would run a pair of each and see which ones fair the best.

Keep an eye on this brand ... there are going to be some great products released in the near future.

Another product on test this weekend is the new AyUp head torch adaptors. My pit crew will be using them. The 3hr battery is mounted on the rear on the elastic strap. Very good design, am keen to see what they think of them.

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Eamonn said...

Let me know how you go with keeping the white ones clean :P

Mine are light brown already unfortunately. Havent tried to clean them as yet, not really sure how i should though.