Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nuts anybody???

I don't know what I was thinking but after getting a couple good races under the belt, I decided to get some training in and what better way to do it than getting up at 3am on a rainy Melbourne morning. I fed Jackson, donned what I though would allow me to brave the dreadful conditions and I was rolling down the driveway at two minutes to 4.

I decided if I was going to be out at this hour I may as well head up the hill before rolling down to Black Rock for the Hell ride at 7am. Holy crap was I kidding myself. The ride up the hill was pleasant, but the descent sent my body into shutdown mode. After crawling down (trying to avoid the wind chill as much as possible) I couldn't get the heart rate up, therefore blood flow was not warming me up at all and I had had enough. I decided to roll home and call it quits.

Fortunately there was one other crazy cyclist on the roads this morning. John Claxton had scheduled the same ride and he was able to keep me company and therefore motivated to continue on and get my ride done.

Making it down to Black Rock right on time, we were greeted by no-one. So we decided to ride back home via the city which would give us a solid five hours and home to our surprised wives by nine.

Once John peeled off, I saw this sign. I love the TV ad that goes with it and though it to be appropriate to the many regular Hell riders who decided to sleep in.

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Ash Thomas said...

oh, now listen to the hard man....! Nutter.