Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mission Impossible....

It's all confirmed, I will be racing (I should say riding) the first CTS event for the year at Lysterfield. I am enter to ride in Open Solo Male but will be doing it on the Unit 29er. Tonight I decided I would have a go at making the Crossmax 29er wheels on the Unit tubeless so I can run a lower pressure in the weekend. It seems as though you can't buy tubeless 29er tyres in Australia, so I needed to use Stan's in standard tyre (something I don't like doing) and hope for the best.

Tires fitted, and five minutes of hard pumping, I decided a trip to the Servo to use their compressor was in order. Sounds simple, right. Wrong.

I strapped the wheels on the Ute and off I went. First station, out of order. Second station, one of those fancy pumps that don't give a constant flow, no go. Third station, out of order. I gave up after that. I left home at 9:30pm in jeans and a t-shirt, buy 10 I was getting a bit cold. This mission will have to wait until tomorrow.

I did finish the other job I set out to do on the Unit. I wanted to fit carbon bars and my Eurgon grips for a bit of added comfort from the rigid front end.


Randall said...

Bunnings mate, compressors $99. bargain.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've got one...perfect. Like my bars on your bike

Troy Bailey said...

Hi mate check my formal apology on