Saturday, May 3, 2008

I ain't no BMX star...

Today was a good day. The kids had a play date with friends from Jayden's school at the Knox BMX track. I think I was looking forward to it more than the kids were. I figured it was a good excuse to see how well the Unit 29er jumped. It definitely doesn't have a low centre of gravity in its favour, but the big wheels sure did roll quick through the whoopdies.

The size of this track freaks Jayden out a bit and rightfully so I reckon. But after a while he got going and had loads of fun.

This is Jayden's school buddy Casey. He has a lot of potential and was rapt when he finally made the gap.

The late afternoon was spent getting my bike ready for tomorrows Crazy 6hr event at the You Yangs. The Hei Hei is the bike of choice for this short one. I had the luxury of dressing it with new Shimano bits (cranks, chain, cassette and dual controllers) and a new set of Mavic SLR's so that wipes out the bike as an excuse for the race. I am really looking forward to racing again, my last one was the Dusk to Dawn 12hr in early March and there are a few cobwebs to clear out. If all goes well, I am planning a Single Speed assault at the CTS event next weekend at Lysterfield. I want to see how tough those SS guys really are, so I'll ride it fully rigid. Guessing it won't be easy.

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