Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bar none....

Finally I got the tyres to hold air, just. They did go down over night but am hoping that was a one off. Maybe if I had some of new wonder sealant, things would be different, hint, hint. I will try running 32psi and see how things go.

I made another upgrade decision yesterday. The old school 4 pot Shimano XT brakes are on. I have had these puppies since about 2002 and they have spent most of their life on my courier rigs. I wouldn't even want to a figure on the amount of kilometres they have done, but I doubt there would be much change from 40.000. They would have to go down in history as the best bicycle disc brake ever made. bar none. They were Shimano's first go at it and they rock, great modulation, extremely good maintenance free running (I have flushed fluid two or three times, but only because I thought it was a good idea, not because they needed it) that's it, oh and the odd set of pads (say 20 set or so).

Oh, and it looks like I will have to ride to Lysterfield in the morning. Robyn's car is getting a new gear box and I don't want to leave her without transport. Doubt my legs will have the return trip left in them after the race so I might need to bum a ride, any takers?

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