Sunday, March 23, 2008

National 24hr Champs...

Unofficial result sees Jason English holding off Clackers after a hard nights racing. English finished with a 2 lap buffer in the end. Local rider Dan Mackay finishing third, 20 mins down on John, not bad for a guy studying pre-med.

As for the girls, Katherine Van der Spiegel 1st Alex Kiendl 2nd.

Well done to all, sound like it was a tough race.


Zero said...

Ash tells me the womens was Katherine Van der Spiegel followed by Alex Kiendl. Don't know who was third.

Anonymous said...

Official results are up on the CORC website. Claire Graydon in 3rd in open women. A REALLY dominant show by Katrin- she was amazing.
Course was similar to last year- bumpy & dusty with a bit more climbing. The big battle between John and Jason was INSANE- they were locked together fighting it out until 8am. Were all pretty smashed now.
Thanks heaps for the support, glad to hear Jackson (?) and Robyn are doing well.
Dan Mac

Alexandra Kiendl said...

It is the toughest tracks to race on for 24 hours.Unbelievable sore lower back and neck(and derriere).Katrin is a blody strong machine,well deserved win!Even without my cold, I think I had not enough to fight her.Insane race between the males!

Bellie said...

Looks like I missed out on a great event. I thought Jason would be upto the task after his efforts at the Scott last year, he is a real tallent. I am already looking forward to next years event. I'm sure John's hunger would have grown a little more by then.
And yes Alex, I agree, a very tough track to race 24hrs on, not the most climbing but incredibly draining on the body.