Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ay up Dusk to Dawn.

Myself and Alex both had great races last night. We had a win each, myself by one lap, and for a change Alex had a close one, only winning by five minutes. Also worth a note was my overall place of eighth.

We are flying back tonight and not getting home till about 1am, so we have some sleep to catch up on before we leave.

Race report to follow in the next couple of days.


Jason Jackson said...

Nice work mate! Another win under the belt. Whats next?????

Michael Reedy said...

Hey there Andy, Michael from Action Bikes here. I was meaning to throw you a congratulations on the win before we left, but had to leave and drive straight to work (and only 6 minutes late for opening)

Was great to meet both you and Alex, Matt looked a little sleepy by the end there.

Anyway good luck and enjoy the rest of your races this year and the new addition to the household!

Oh, and you make this game look WAY too easy!

See you around.