Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ain't happening

As it stands I won't be heading up to the National Chaps this weekend. I write this post from the hospital where Robyn has been all day. She started the day with an unexplainable very high heart rate, ambo called, and here we are until baby is ready to come out, or more to the point when Robyn is in a better condition to deliver.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all competitors in the weekends race the best of luck. Racing is fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Remember at 2am why you love riding you bike so much and relish the time you have on it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps Andy,
We're gunna miss not having our favourite 4am cocacola addict. Good luck to you and Robbie- I hope everything goes smoothly, there are far bigger things in life than racing.
Take care, we'll catch up soon,
Dan Mac

Anonymous said...


You're a fine racer, father and husband. It's good to see that you know which of these are most important. Best of luck.

Shane M

Stuart said...

Hey Andy and Robyn,

it was great to meet you and the family at Worlds last year. Great bunch of fun, your family. Best wishes and we hope to see you all again in Canada sometime.