Thursday, March 20, 2008

The fuss..

Here is what all the fuss has been about lately. After spending the night in hospital, then been told this morning that Robyn may not be able to give birth today as planned because of the issue she was having with a high HR, it was a relief to meet our anesthetist who basically put it like this; the baby needs to come out, we have ruled out the major issue with Robyn, so why not get him out before the hospital goes into holiday rostering. Made a lot of sense really and everything went very well. Robyn is feeling great (when baby came out she had a feeling of huge pressure release from her body) and baby is healthy. What more could you ask for...

The kids were stoked and wanted to take him home right away. For some silly reason we are stumped on a name for the poor little guy. We have a short list, but can't make a final choice.


Ant said...

Fantastic news Bellie!

Glad everything went ok (in the end), geez they don't mind keeping you on your toes though do they.

Best wishes to Robyn and new addition, looks like he is going to have a doting big brother and sister to teach him a trick or two.

Looks like a biggun too - what were the vitalstatistix?


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both. Good luck on choosing a name!

Shane M

BELLboy said...

Good to see everything went well for you all especially Robyn and (insert name here)! My birthday has been a good one now I have to share it with a nephew, I have and idea of a name Daniel jr! seems he stole my birthday he can share my name!

rhino said...

Congrats....hope Robyn is recovering well. Pretty sure a 3rd baby isn't going to slow you down. Look forward to seeing the new addition to the bellie tribe.

Ryan and Katrina