Thursday, January 31, 2008

Saddle up....

Well, I'm happy to anounce my first big event of the year, Queenslands Dusk to Dawn. This year it is presented by Ay Up lights, and once again at Kooralbyn, a venue I have really enjoyed racing at over the past couple of years. Such great memmories, like this one, coming third in both trackstanding comps, one at the 6 hour mark and the other at the 20 hour mark of the 2006 Marida 24hour. Must admit, the legs were a bit shaky for that one.

Heading out on lap 38 or was that 39?
And last year blasting out a 12 hour that felt like I was only on the bike for six or seven hour. Gotta love that.

I am super keen to see if my lack of riding of late will have a huge impact on how I race. At least when I do ride I am fresh. Maybe the recovery is what I have been searching for in the last couple of years of body abuse.

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