Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rolling on...

Today saw a few good mates out for a gentle roll around Lysterfied. Leaving from my place and spending 45 mins on bike paths getting there was not without amusement. We obviously don't "get" bike path uses. What they think is a close call we wouldn't even think twice about. Anyway, the two retired Felt Racing boys and I had a blast, enjoying each others company and pushing the limits of our fitness.

Jason and Ash, rolling home. These boys love mountain bike riding, so much so they have thought up an other avenue to expose it to the masses. They like to call in "Epix" and I think we will be hearing a lot more about it in the weeks/months ahead. I can tell you I will be involved in the first chapter due to be written next weekend around the beautiful trails of Mt Buller.

Me, showing off the new kit. My knee is still very sore from Wednesday night and not healing as I usually would. . Buy the end I was thinking it was a bad idea to have ridden and pushed it.

Jason should know better than to take a silly shot of himself when he borrows my camera.

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