Friday, January 18, 2008

EPIX...The Journey Begins.

This weekend sees me heading into the alpine region for the search for the ultimate single track. The brain child of Ash Thomas along with Jason Jackson, a few selected riders venture off into the not so well known riding areas looking for what we all dream about, the Ultimate single track. EPIX as they called it is being unveiled this weekend and Randall, Joel Read and myself are among the few heading off on its' Madden journey.

The Delica is all packed awaiting the arrival of Randall before heading to a camp ground in the Alpine area, then tomorrow is on, don't know how long we will be riding for, don't know who high we will climb, but rest assured we will be having a ball the whole way.

I don't know too much detail, you may be able to learn more here. But I'm sure I will have a bit to write about next week, so until then wish us luck in our quest.

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