Saturday, February 2, 2008

Epix # 2 - The Ada Tree

Friday night I pack bike, bags and kids in the Delica and headed off to the folks place in East Warburton in readiness for todays EPIX adventure to the Ada Tree. An 8:30 meet at the bakery saw we riding down the driveway at 8. Greeted by a largeish group of erge riders with no idea on how there day was going to unfold. An email from Ash earlier in the week stated the ride would be a gentle four hour spin glimbing a measly 1200m. Oops.

We were on our bikes leaving Big Pats Picnic area by 9 and didn't return until after 3:30. It was funny to hear mobiles ringing as soon as we got back into range, " were are you, you should have been home hours ago". Lucky for me my parents are use to me dissiparing without a trace and not returning till we after the time I said I would.

There was a fair bit of this happening. Lots on overgrown trails and slippy logs etc to contend with. At one stage we couldn't even find the trail, but turning back was not an option. We pushed on and found the single track we were looking for.

Lunch break at the Ada Tree. Good time to remove the 10 or so leaches from our socks. I have never seen so many of the blood sucks attact like this, it was trully amazing.

Once back at the car it was time for me to leave the group and ride the 30mins back to pick up the kids. This area is fantastic to visit, so much to offer. A bit more trail mantainance to reduce the lashings we got from furns etc would make this ride exteamly pleasant.

Side note; The Four Supreme got need grips for this ride, now it's green with gold grips....Nice.

If you want to read more about the ride visit the EPIX or Grovers blogs.

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