Monday, February 11, 2008

Rare Opportunity...

Today I had the rare opportunity to jump on the bike whilst Jay was at school and Olivia at her 3hour kinder session. Decided to leave the Delica at Kinder in Forrest Hill and hit the Mullin Mullin trails, trying to link them with the end of Westerfolds Park before storming towards home on the roads to grab Jay at 3:30.

The trails were great, even with the East Link messing about in the area. Credit to the resident dog walkers for their efforts in keeping single track in the area. The major change is a huge new walking track making the area accessible for everyone. Not so good for us but hey there is still parkland and we can still get in there and find/make our own trail network. I managed to link the Mullin Mullin with Weterfolds, on trails I haven’t ridden in many years. It was a great loop because it is close to home, there are plenty of good trails and there is the potential for more.

I was having so much fun I was almost lat to Jayden’s school to pick him up, I didn’t have time to grab the Delica, just threw Jay on the handlebars and off we went to Kinder.

First ride on the new forks. I will review after more riding, but initial thoughts, bloody brilliant.

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