Sunday, February 10, 2008

Going Cheap..

I have finally built a bike to sell of for the sponsors. I though I would firstly offer it to my readers before I put it on ebay. This one is a 20" Kona Leroi (same as my 2007 Hei Hei frame only with carbon stays). It is 99% brand new comprising of new parts off my 2008 race bikes, Shimano XT, Hayes Stroker Carbon brakes, FSA wheels and Race Face cranks, bars and stem (oversized).
I race 22" frames, so this one will suit someone tallish, but not as tall as me (6'4"). I also have a King Kikapu in a 19" frame in the shed to build up to similar spec to this one, but will be a bit cheaper because it isn't a Scandium frame. Asking $2250 for the Leroi (about half of retail). Leave a comment with you contact details if interested, I will post more details on the bikes in my Garage.


Ash Thomas said...

swap you for a mower?

Bellie said...

Hmmm. How about a mini chain saw. Now your talking.