Saturday, October 6, 2007

Then there were two

Yesterdays ride home from work had me racing a large black cloud. It was breathing down my neck like you would not believe. Knowing I was heading out for more punishment in the hills in the morning, I didn’t want to push too hard having already been on the bike for nine hours. It was a draw - the rain catching me at the front gate.

The rain came down for most of the night. My alarm rang out at 6am, but I was content to stay under the covers considering it was still raining outside. 6:30 came around and I thought I had better get out of bed and at least check the radar map. All looked pretty clear, so I had to start rushing to get ready to meet at 7. An SMS from Ash Thomas (this months Freewheel superstar) gave me an extra 10 minutes.

As it turned out, only Ash and I fronted up, so we decided to head out towards Kinglake. From there we hit Whittlesea and copped a strong head wind all the way back to Melbourne, so we made a few stops to brake the monotony.

Ash feeding his face at Kinglake bakery. He figured he deserved nothing but the best. Mmm donut.

There are some things you just should not find at sporting grounds. It’s a shame some people think they need to sink this low to get ahead in their chosen sport. Shame, shame, shame.

These little guys were having a ball. We had to stop and have a closer look. Think I’ll be taking Jay along one day.

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Jack Lamshed said...

Get well soon Bellie. That cough sounded terrible today ;)