Friday, October 19, 2007

A few images from last weekend.

Myself and Alex 15 minutes before the start. Relaxed and ready.

The Three Amigos. It was great to catch up with Rhino, he is riding the Croc Trophy next week. Good luck with that one Rhino.

Need I say any more……

I don’t know what all the fuss was about. But boy there was a lot of it.

Yes, it did get cold.


Ash Thomas said...

ahhh, regular posts, it so nice to see!! Keep up the good work pal!

Anonymous said...

It was really nice to talk to Robyn and of course yourself at the Scott 24 hour. Have a fun and of course FAST time at the MONT this weekend. I am doing the Inaugral KONA surfcoast 6 hour enduro in Anglesea on Saturday. check it out:
see you round soon! Jess

Jess Douglas said...

...oh and by the way, that pic of olivia is very cute. awesome idea to stick your kids in pics. I might do that more often too! although my 13 y.o daughter would thrive on that idea! Jess