Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bellie takes the lead

6 hours in and it was lights on time, bellie had been lapping consistantly all day and with a quick pit to fit lights he was off. Waiting for his next transition we see first place and second place come in with bellie close behind.

In the change from day to night bellie took the lead.

Its now 8 hours ride time, lights are on, we've put more walls on the tent and bellie is cruising around in first.

On a side note, Alex Kiendl, Kona's female solo enduro rider, is also in first and looking comfortable.

Kona going for the double victory??


Bellie just rolled through transition, quote "I'm feeling far too fresh, i'm trying to hold back, I'll just keep riding ok..."



Ash Thomas said...

come on son!

Anonymous said...

keep it up bellie from the ORCA crew.

M and D said...

Keep up the excellent work Andrew and the results will be the one you want and deserve.