Thursday, October 18, 2007

Keeping it interesting....

Recovery has gone extremely well. I always seem to recover better when I race well. Not too sure if I took on a bit much yesterday. It was my first day back on the bike for work, and then I went out on the Fatties ride. That equates to 9 hours in the saddle only three days after the 24. I see why some people have described me as “loco”.

Swimming is something I haven’t done for years (probably about 6 in fact). I use to love getting up at 4:30am 3-4 times a week and chasing the black line for 20-30kms. This term Olivia is doing swimming lessons on a Thursday, so I decided to jump in the lap pool and knock out a few. First 50m felt great (considering I am probable twice the body fat I was back in my hay day) than bang it started to hurt like hell. It’s amazing how our fitness is so specific to the sports we do. I had to persevere and ended up completing a kilometer (all with fin on mind you) in the half hour I had.

It was great to do something different. I can’t see it helping my riding too much, but it’ll keep thing interesting. I think I will try and keep it going all term and see if I notice any difference.

I didn’t think you wanted to see me in Speedo’s (with my riders' tan and all). So here’s one of Olivia at the pool.

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