Sunday, October 14, 2007

half 8, no sorry, 9am

Bellie first... did i say that before. positions remain the same. About 50 mins up on second, maybe a bit more but essentially it means he's a lap up.

Seems comfortable. didn't believe us when we told him the time difference.

He just stopped for a wardrobe change at 9am and desperate for some Loco Cola... Just a bit, please i can handle it, i really need it, NEED it, justatasteit'llallbefineificanjusthaveataste

Robyn "No"

Done and Done....Bellie rolls out for another lap, sans Coke.

I've got a red nose. Sunscreen they say... Yes i say, applied and reapplied, still burnt... unlucky(old skool ryan...)

So, another 2 laps, maybe 3. This year you can complete your race from 11am and still officially finish, if you know what i mean. No more sending people out at 11:55....

On a side note, Evan Jeffery is now known as Evan Farty Pants Jeffery.


cannonball said...

Did he win?

M & D & J & O &P&N&C said...

Well done Team Bell.Great result.Very happy.