Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mont24 update...

As you have probably realized, the race is well and truly over. Sorry I didn’t do many updates during the race, I was finding it very difficult because we were riding lap on three off pretty much throughout. As the laps were only 30mins each we only had an hour and a half to cool down, stretch, eat rest, warm up etc. I could not find the time to update my blog.

Anyway, the racing was tight and pretty full on. We held Giant off for about 10 hours then they went full tilt and there was nothing we could do. Felt faded but fought back all night and early morning. They kept us on our toes. We were able to sneak in a final lap with only 4 minutes to go, Felt came in about 2 minutes after the finish. Putting us in third place in pro fours and third place overall.

I will update with a race report in the next couple of days.

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