Sunday, October 4, 2009

Avoca 2010 Nation Marathon course pre ride....

During the week I escaped the mad house for a test ride on the 2010 national marathon championship course in Avoca. Rohin required some company for the ride, so I didn't hesitate putting my hand up along with Randall and Willo.

It was always going to be an epic ride due to much of the single track not yet built.
We were also required to hike-a-bike for about 2 hours through some tough Aussie bushland. We ended up with 90km riding/walking, 3000 vertical metres and zero mechanicals (amazingly).

Two seconds before I took this shot, Rohin was looking a tad pissed, thinking of how much work is require to get this bush walking track up to scratch, but then he though how much fun it will be once the hard work is done.

This is the start/finish location for the event. The local are really getting behind the event. The aim is to get more Mountain bikers to the area to enjoy what they have to offer. Check out the event website, Big Hill Events.

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clint said...

This was an awesome ride. My first ever attempt at a MTB race. People thought I was mad.
That first hill just kept going and going....
Although I only did the 45, it still owned me, great fun.
Upside: location, other riders always ready with a sick smile on their face and the feed stations.

Downsides: The massive amount of walking, and, I can't believe this, all the empty gel wrappers along the way. Sad. Overall, I'll be back for sure.