Monday, September 28, 2009

New AyUp V4 kit Review...

I got hold of AyUp's latest offering to MTB riders, the V4 kit, (there are other new kits available, check their website for details). The new look kit has moved these lights up a step on the WOW factor with the introduction of a custom water proof hard case. Gone is the seldom used neoprene pouch.

Open the box and you can really see how well they have done finishing the product off. Nicely cut out foam piece with hard plastic backing holds all the goodies in place.
Remove the top tray to revel another layer.

The other upgrades from the old kit include, stage batteries featuring high, low and flashing. You get 2 x 1/2 Epic and 1 x Epic, no longer called 3 and 6 hour due to the different power usage on different stages. There are two red caps to place over the lights to give you an ultra bright rear flasher. The very useful head torch band is included as is the gecko mounting system. All these upgrades make for a great value for money kit that will allow you to ride very fast at night. Also worth a mention is the fact that due to ever improving technology, the lights themselves are brighter without using any more battery power.

Be sure to stop past their new website and check out the video. I think you will be impressed with this package. I have not included a full review of how the light perform because my original review included all this.

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