Saturday, September 26, 2009


What a great day to be riding in Melbourne. We had hail, rain, and trails that at times resembled creeks, but most of all we had a whole heap of fun.

With about 14 riders starting, we only had one mechanical. Our humble leader for the day, Jason Jackson managed to snap his derailleur clean off the hanger (go figure, the hanger was still intack).

An attempt was made to keep him on the trails, but the swing arm needed more movement, so with a chain tentioner it wasn't going to happen.

Cam grabbing a well earned lift from Ash (a non started due to being soft, oops, I mean sick). Cam rode his single speed 29er for pretty much the whole 75km ride, only oppting for a short cut right towards the end. Bloody top effort.

Both EPIX boys in the truck. Better luck next time. Thanks for organising a great ride guys.

Fun trails. I have never ridden in the St Andrews area. I will return.

Thanks again for the lift home Brian.

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Ash Thomas said...

I'm pretty sure I saw you wolfing down that can of coke and lollies that 'magically' appeared though :)