Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scott 24 Race Report...

Sorry for the delay getting this up. There has been a fair bit on of late.

This event has always been one of my favorite events on the 24 hour race calendar. CORC always put on a super slick event and even though I was never planning on racing this one solo (I just wanted a break from solo after 5 years straight) I wanted to race. You have probably heard people say that pairs over 24hr is tougher than solo, well I wanted to find out for myself, so I asked Randall to join me.

Our race plan was always going to be ride lap for lap until we needed to have a decent rest, then play it by ear as to how we continued. This plan ended up working very well. We didn't get any idea on how we were placed until about the 9 hour mark due to a stuff up in the timing and by this stage we were about 0ne lap up on our competitors. we didn't let this new information slow us down. We persisted on our lap for lap plan all the way to the end. This allowed us to finish at 11am, have a hot shower and put our feet up.
I started at a pretty conservative pace knowing I have two more solo 24's to race in the six week following, but Randall went hell for leather. He only dropped out of the dog on a few occasions during the night. And to his credit, he didn't once complain about being tired. For me, I found the riding part great. The course was so much fun, you just wanted to get out there and ride. The time off the bike wasn't that much fun when is got really cold. But overall, I would say it is much easier than a solo 24.
A big thanks goes out to Ben from Kona. He looked after our bikes and mad sure we didn't fall asleep in the beanbag during our short stints off the bike. Also a big thanks to Randall for a great partner. It makes things a whole lot easier when you don't have to worry about your partner putting in their fair share.

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Bellie the 3rd said...

Gr8 job Bro!! Some of the pictures are really good! And have to say the Kona Kit looks pretty sweet. Have fun at your next two 24hr races. Speak to you soon.