Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Queensland 24hr wrap up...

It's back to the real world today. Yesterday was totally lost in travel, amazing how a 2hr flight can consume a whole day.

I am pretty happy with how the race panned out. My intention was always to ride as little as possible and just get back into the solo rhythm again. With the race starting at 2pm and continuing for about 9 hours after the sun came up on Sunday, it was always going to be tough in 30plus temperatures. I felt the early signs of heat stress only 2.5 hour in, throwing up and feeling very cooked. But luckily it was evident even the Queensland riders were also suffering in the heat. I decided to ride very conservatively through the heat and try to create a gap during the night and with any luck, wouldn't need to ride for the full 24hrs.

My plan worked well. I was happy with how I was riding and very glad I could take a rest for the last 4.5 hours of the race.

A good ride also by fellow AyUp rider Sean Bekkers to finish a very tough event only two laps down.

A huge thanks goes out to my parents for their efforts looking after our little tribe while we were away, Robyn for fuelling me and AyUp for getting we up north for the fantastic event.


Sean Bekkers said...

well done mate. I felt priviledged to roll around the track with you.


Fabian said...

Ditto. The Ayup train was lapping me from about 3hrs in and it was an impressive sight between you, Matt and Sean. You obviously pulled away from those two and from then on it was pretty much yours, barring being sick obviously.

Sean Bekkers said...

Hey mate my email is mrboz82@yahoo.com.au. smash up the Kona

MattDogTraining said...

Those laps we rolled around in the early part of the race & a little later on were inspirational Bellie! Just when I thought I could ride nice & smooth, watching you puts me back in the 'masher' category hehehe.

Big thumbs up to Robyn too! Awesome pit chick!


Brad Toomeys Cycling Journey said...

Yeooww effort. I got to chat to you for a bit on one of the night laps. You probably don't remember but thank you!